Now that smart data is replacing big data, we've created a set of additional tools to give you unrivaled insights into your data, partner activity and customer behavior.

  • Seasonal Heatmap

    Seasonal Heatmap

    Optimize performance by understanding consumer spending habits over time (days, weeks, months and years) using your favorite metrics, including clicks, click–through rate, conversions and average order size. Use the shared insights to design campaigns with your partners to drive optimal conversions.

  • Partner Contribution

    Partner Contribution

    Get a summary overview of your campaign performance across the path to conversion. The partner contribution chart helps you measure and analyze metrics related to the steps your consumers take towards conversion and strategically reward partners for their role.

  • Repeat Custom Analysis

    Repeat Custom Analysis

    Recognize the value each partner brings with each visit and how average order value fluctuates, allowing you to optimize towards customer lifetime value. You’ll be able to see the number of customers carrying out repeat purchases, how much they spend with each visit and how average order value fluctuates with each repeat purchase.

  • Attribute Correlation

    Attribute Correlation

    Strengthen your digital partner strategy with metrics showing each partner’s performance related to individual products, adrefs, country and conversion type.

  • Partner Comparison

    Partner Comparison

    Identify your most valuable partner relationships with a slope-chart displaying the performance of your partners on a chosen metric, and how that performance has changed over time. The chart establishes a campaign average for the chosen metric and partners in order of campaign performance over time against that campaign’s average, taking into account the size of the partner.

  • Device Analysis

    Device Analysis

    Support future campaign planning with a three-level treemap showing the popularity of device types (desktop, mobile, tablet), operating systems and browser types on your campaign; based on conversions, total order value or amount of commission. You can also view this by partner and partner categories.

  • Partner Interaction

    Partner Interaction

    Get a detailed picture of your partner’s contribution by identifying which partner initiated, contributed or converted to the conversion or sale. The partner relationship analysis chart helps you measure and analyze your consumer’s path to conversion as well as design superior reward strategies for your partners.

  • Partner Ranking

    Partner Ranking

    Compare the performance of your partners using the partner ranking table, allowing you to analyze competitive partners and strategically plan your marketing activities around your leading partners as well as designated groups of partners.



Pinpoint trends relating to post-sales rejections with data identifying changes in rejection rate between two time periods – both as a campaign average and by partner.


Get a full overview of the performance of your campaigns and of partner activity worldwide – thanks to a barchart showing the top 5 converting products, stacked by currency. You can sort it by number of conversions, amount of commission, or order value for greater insight


Deepen your customer understanding with a dot–plot displaying the average length of time between an initial click and a conversion, so you can design strategies and optimize the user journey.