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The case studies describe how advertisers and partners are using the Performance Horizon technology and the impact the solutions made on their business.

The white papers reflect our perspective on topics that are relevant to the market place.

We welcome any suggestions about new case studies as well as white papers.

Cashrewards Case Study - A4
AO Case Study - A4
AO Case Study - US
adidas Case Study - A4
adidas Case Study - US
British Airways Case Study - A4
British Airways Case Study - US
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Please find below a selection of materials and previous communications detailing Performance Horizon and our solutions.

Corporate Backgrounder - US
Corporate Backgrounder - A4
LiveRamp Partnership Overview - A4
LiveRamp Partnership Overview - US
Marketing Partner Information Sheet - A4
Marketing Partner Information Sheet - US
November 2015 Newsletter

The following press announcements have been published by Performance Horizon and are sorted by date, starting with the most recent. For any questions or inquiries, please contact us or our PR agency Indicate Media by email at

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The following articles have been curated by Performance Horizon and are sorted by date, starting with the most recent. For any questions or inquiries, please contact our PR agency Indicate Media by email at

Past PMA Winners on Conquering Industry Choice of Partner

PerformanceIN logo

Newcastle tech firm Performance Horizon to create artificial intelligence software

Chronicle Live logo

Performance Horizon’s New Headquarter in Sydney will Expand Business in APAC

MarTech Advisor logo

Performance Horizon opens APAC regional HQ in Sydney

Techseen logo


Business Cloud logo

From Sage to Science Central, 2016 was the year when the North East tech scene came of age

Chronicle logo

Performance Horizon Appoints Greg Augenstein as VP of Customer Success to Support Its Growth Plans

MarTech Advisor Logo

Chris Blaxall Wins Finance Monthly CFO Award

Finance Monthly
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For information regarding the proper use of the Performance Horizon brand and styling, check out the details below or download the full Brand & Style Guidelines here.


Our standard, full color logo is the default choice for any branded media. The logo uses Monsterrat font, all uppercase, with tight kerning, in a right aligned arrangement. The logo features 2 colors, blue and grey. A white version of the logo also exists for when displaying on a dark background that might otherwise cause a loss of clarity.

  • #0485c2

    Brand Blue

  • #bcbec0

    Swoosh Grey


Performance Horizon predominantly uses 2 fonts, Monserrat and Open Sans, the former for titles and headings, and the latter for body text and sub-headings. Open Sans may appear in various different weights and either sentence case or all uppercase. Montserrat typically appears in uppercase only however there are some exceptions.


Mainly used as uppercase

Open Sans

Font weight Regular

Open Sans Light

Font weight Light

Open Sans Semi Bold

Font weight Semi Bold


Brand blue is the most prominent color used in Performance Horizon designs. Navy blue typically appears as a secondary color for non-primary elements. Different tones of grey are also common and are regularly used for text and borders. Amber is used sparingly for items such as highlights and call to actions.

  • #0485c2

    Brand Blue

  • #bcbec0

    Swoosh Grey

  • #212933

    Navy Blue

  • #61686b

    Dark Grey

  • #faa61a


Unsure about our brand?

If you have any questions about the information detailed in the Performance Horizon Brand & Style Guidelines, queries regarding the proper use of the Performance Horizon brand or spot any brand violations then please feel free to contact us at