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Help your clients drive their partner and affiliate marketing with best-in-class technology

Increase your strategic value to your clients while leveraging the efficiencies of our state-of-the-art platform


Expand your client service offerings to include a best-in-class partner and affiliate marketing solution by combining the best performance tracking and payment technology with your unrivaled strategic marketing, campaign execution, and creative services expertise.


Use best-in-class technology to automate partner marketing and affiliate management while improving your execution of targeted campaigns & promotions, key partner relationships, and program performance driving higher client revenues. 


Increase productivity and reduce program overhead to help your clients invest marketing dollars wisely and substantially increase profitability on marketing spend.

Your Expertise + Our Technology = Client Success




"The efficiencies created by managing everything on one platform and sharing data across marketing partners is powering incremental and sustained growth for all parties."

Rob Kabrovski

Account Director, iProspect


"The Performance Horizon tracking platform is very impressive in its reporting flexibility and functionality. Real-time pivoting empowers the marketer to manipulate data on the fly to see which campaigns are performing, what products are moving, and which markets are succeeding. The platform also provides the ability to maneuver across different currencies, which enables the global retailer to have a fully instantaneous understanding of all markets."

Carolyn Tang Kmet

CMO, All Inclusive Marketing


“The transparency on both sides means we are all on the same page with real-time results. Clients can easily empower us to optimize activity and take ownership for the results against the targets they set.”

Oliver Mistry

Director, Compare TV


“Just gathering more data is useless without being able to report it concisely and effectively, and I’m now in a position to get better insights, more frequently, on how my campaigns are driving conversions.”

Keith Mason

Owner, Point Hacks


"Beyond having the best platform in the market, Performance Horizon’s brilliant customer service team mean we can respond to client and partner requests rapidly and accurately – we recommend them whole heartedly."

Connor Blakey

Affiliate Marketing Manager, Glass Digital